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I no longer identify myself as a Republican but as a Reagan Conservative. It's also interesting that there can be found statements by certain brethren over the past half century which indicate that it will be the members of the church that save the Const This is a great book and easy read.

It's also interesting that there can be found statements by certain brethren over the past half century which indicate that it will be the members of the church that save the Constitution from being overthrown.


This day was our 37th anniversary and we spent it in Nauvoo. If you haven't been to the Nauvoo temple you are in for a real treat. Oct 12, Christopher rated it it was amazing. This book is a bunch of page excerpts of famous political figures on why they consider themselves Reagan Conservatives. If you possibly can't fathom how someone could be conservative, then try out this book. It might give you a different point of view on things.

The Reagan Revolution

What are you afraid of? Being a part of the evil Republicans? Feb 28, Barbara added it. Chuck Hagel contributed a pice to this collection. Deaver Jacob rated it really liked it Aug 14, Will Dorton rated it really liked it Nov 10, Scott Stevens rated it really liked it Feb 06, Natalie Kron rated it really liked it Oct 29, Adam Ross rated it did not like it Apr 20, Nathan Gross rated it really liked it Mar 03, Tyler Suarez rated it really liked it Oct 23, Daniel rated it liked it Nov 26, Geoffrey Kabaservice rated it it was ok Nov 04, Dean Mundy rated it really liked it Sep 23, Micki Smith rated it really liked it Nov 19, Tony Jones rated it really liked it Apr 05, Steve rated it it was ok May 05, Heather Kramer rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Haley rated it really liked it Mar 29, Brad rated it really liked it May 26, Dave rated it really liked it Feb 15, Through them not only do we learn about the people who share with us their thoughts on politics and worldly situations, but we also gain an understanding of the modern conservative mind and movement and all its precepts.

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As the power of the Republican party continues to grow, a bold new conservative movement is taking form in America. This timely and unprecedented new collection will elucidate and explore the impact of the man who fueled the fire of a rapidly growing political movement. Former assistant to the president and White House deputy chief of staff during the Reagan administration, Michael K.

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He serves as vice chairman, international, for Edelman Worldwide. Why I Am a Reagan Conservative.

So Paving the Way for Reagan comes at an opportune time to examine the legacy of the conservative media, at least in the area of foreign policy. Conservative media have been arguing for military intervention and an aggressive foreign policy for decades. Buckley, Jr.

Human Events which in became an online-only publication, and which was purchased recently by new owners intending to relaunch it under a pro-Trump banner is the oldest, having been founded in by conservatives upset with Franklin Roosevelt and the big government programs of the New Deal.

Of the three, it focused perhaps the most on publishing news stories as opposed to opinion. Commentary , founded in by the American Jewish Committee, came more fully to the anticommunist cause later in the s, once Podhoretz and others became disillusioned with the New Left. In the face of Soviet and Cuban communism and especially during the withdrawal of U. Jurdem devotes chapters to several key events in U.


Conservatives were vociferous in their resistance to any fallback or withdrawal from Vietnam. When American forces left South Vietnam, conservatives argued for continued economic support for the nation to resist the North, and when South Vietnam finally fell and the United States engaged in peace talks, some conservatives looked for any misstep by North Vietnam to restart the conflict.

Jurdem summarizes the view of people like senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater R-Ariz. In May , Nixon announced an agreement with the Russians regarding limits on the use of antiballistic missiles. But this was viewed by conservatives as a show of weakness. Jurdem highlights a rare unpublished column by Buckley, in which the National Review editor listed the ways in which Nixon had, he felt, betrayed conservative principles in his negotiations with the Russians. The 37th President, for his part, never quite forgave conservatives for not supporting him in the early s, or for failing to understand that negotiations needed to run both ways.

The Cold War Conservatives Who Influenced Reagan

This mostly meant with Buckley; Nixon had little time for Human Events or most other conservative commentators. Conservatives, especially Buckley and senior National Review writer James Burnham, remained respectful of Kissinger but saw him and President Nixon as too pragmatic. So Jurdem is correct that conservative publications paved the way for Reagan, and he shows that Reagan was reading Human Events and National Review since his General Electric days.

At times, Reagan cribbed directly from these publications to attack those seen as softer on communism. Likewise members of Congress particularly Senators John Tower of Texas and Strom Thurmond of South Carolina used conservative editorials to bolster their own arguments. Commentary , although important in its own right, especially after it became more clearly associated with the neoconservative cause, receives the least attention of the three in this study, with one significant exception: the article by Georgetown political scientist Jeane J.

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