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She trusted that the enchantment of the blades would bond the two boys together and maintain the unity of the House. Ja'Nath was carried by the oldest son for years, but he was struck down in battle by the wielder of Alcharion see above. Linn-gar was stolen away by the younger son when he realized that he would never inherit the House's lands, and was later lost in a gambling game.

Since then, the two blades have met on the field of battle no less than four times, but no one has ever succeeded in reuniting them. Legends argue that great honor would fall on the House that brings them together again, but that the curse of the two sons would eventually bring that House to ruin.

Wielder can parry up to 5 attacks in addition to his normal action all attacks parried must be against wielder; the extra parries cannot be used against the target attacked. Terpsichore is obviously the weapon of a Bard, and a notorious one at that. Although he was used to defend the villagers of the Salle region against the minions of the Tyrant King Vergon, he was also used to assassinate the Archduke Haningar. Haningar's court bard, Tyrone Polvare, had cuckolded him months before and had conspired with the Archduchess to kill him. When the court seer attempted to warn the Archduke, Polvare killed both the seer and the Archduke on the spot, then managed to hold off the Archduke's guards long enough to escape.

He took refuge in a port city on the other side of the continent.

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However, the Archduke's vengeful men hunted him down with the help of Tisiphone see above , which had wounded him slightly in a practice bout the month before. Terpsichore was returned to the Archduke's falsely grieving widow, who gave him to the captain of the Archduke's guard in gratitude. Since then, Terpsichore has passed through many hands, and was last seen in the hands of an itinerant minstrel called Kevar Scrollen. He was believed to be one of the guard captain's descendants. Blade: Entirely bluish-black galvorn, 48". This causes the center of weight of the blade to shift towards the tip when swung.

The tip is not pointed; it forms a razor-sharp, squared end.


The blade is engraved with runes reading "Estii Terminatis. Reaver, with his blunted tip, was clearly designed to be an executioner's sword. Reaver was forged by a weaponsmith named Albion Garhand, whose weapons were known to be of excellent quality but were never known to be enchanted. During the so-called "Duke's Rebellion," Anvis, the king's high executioner, wounded Duke Esbada Morren in the defense of the castle. Morren escaped, but Anvis hunted him ruthlessly.

After Morren's death, Reaver mysteriously vanished from Anvis' scabbard. Reaver has reappeared several times since, most notably in the hands of the Paladin Tam Devarr. Devarr carried Reaver longer than anyone else on record over seventeen years. From whence Reaver's enchanted properties come remains cloaked in mystery. Reaver occasionally appears often under unusual circumstances to knights on quest and others who attempt great works against great odds.

After the task is complete, Reaver vanishes, occasionally leaving behind a mithril medallion with the image of the sword impressed upon it. Properties of these amulets appear to vary from wielder to wielder. If a critical is delivered, it inflicts bonus damage equal to the target's current non-multiplied power point total. Spell-casters attempting to wield Malaverion take "E" severity Essence and Disruption criticals each round until released. Releasing the blade requires a successful RR vs. The history of Malaverion is one of little glory and much tragedy. She was the misbegotten creation of a Drowish alchemist who was attempting to create a Cleric-slaying sword.

Instead, Malaverion slays all spell-casters, and her first victim was her creator. He died when the errant enchantments were completed, for he was unable to release the blade and was incinerated by its defenses. Malaverion was found by his apprentice, who had not yet learned any spell-casting, and was stolen from the forge. He was confronted by two Warrior Mage guardsmen, and Malaverion came alive. Both were dead in seconds. The apprentice escaped from the vault, but died shortly after at the hands of a mercenary named Brian Foricee. Foricee made the mistake of returning home with Malaverion, for he had not entirely mastered her will and his wife, the town's Healer, died spitted on its point.

Maddened by grief, Foricee fled into the city, where he killed two Lay Healers friends of his wife who had come out to check on the commotion , a priest, and the town's elderly Wizard. Foricee fled into the woods with Malaverion; he was never heard from again. Malaverion's next appearance was in the hands of a man named Brighton. He was the mayor of a small town that had been terrorized by a priest of the Unlife who had maneuvered himself into the titular position of the duchy.

Brighton confronted this "Duke" on the street and attacked him. Brighton was a truly incompetent swordsman he had never held a sword before in his life , and was cut down in moments. However, Brighton had known of the Duke's love of swords, and had the satisfaction of seeing the Duke clutch Malaverion, writhing in agony as she obliterated him, before he died. Possibly, the only truly glorious tale of Malaverion is that of a soldier who waged a bloody war against the Drow. He traveled with a group of non-spell-casting companions who forged ahead of him as he traveled, making sure that Healers, Priests, Paladins, and other unwitting spell-casters were well away from him.

He was responsible for many deaths among his Drow adversaries before Malaverion's eventual loss. She has not surfaced in the past four hundred years; she may have finally been destroyed. Editor's Note. Please post your comments on this article on the RM2 Discussion Board. Inflicts additional Heat criticals of equal severity same roll. Wielder regenerates 1 hp for every 5 hp inflicted cannot exceed normal hp totals Will: Personality: male.

Imbedded Spells: Firearmor continual. Has flames etched down both sides.

History: Atropos was forged by a forgotten smith who resided in an area plagued by ice-based creatures. Wielder can see through any level of natural or magical darkness without penalty. Will: Personality: female. Imbedded Spells: Darkness ' R at will, 10 rounds duration. Spirit Rune: Doom. Construction: Blade: Bluish high steel, 24". Pommel: White high steel, plain and round. History: The origins of Megaera are unknown. Wielder has constant AT 16 30 , without encumbrance.

Detect Undead ', continual. Holy Aura I continual. Construction: Blade: Magically hardened sterling silver, 36", chased with runes of ithildin only visible under moonlight. Hilt: Ebony with white-gold wire-wrap, 10". Pommel: Silver, set with a 2" adamant. History: Kallesta is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful weapons ever created. Wielder has continual AT 20 unencumbering. Hilt: Mithril wire-wrap, 6", with a cross-shaped guard.

Pommel: Mithril with galvorn inlay. History: Lancer is of Dwarvish craftsmanship, and has passed through the hands of many wielders at least thirty. Alcharion Magefinger Type: Broadsword? Strikes as a broadsword, using the wielder's highest Directed Spell OB.

Wielder has continual AT 12 unencumbering. Construction: Blade: No physical blade; it appears as a 3' rod of white-hot energy when wielded. Hilt: Blue laen, 7", with mithril guard and pommel. History: Alcharion is an unusual weapon. Holy Weapon. Imbedded Spells: Air Sheath : Tisiphone travels in an extra-dimensional pocket.

Construction: Blade: Mithril alloy, 28". Hilt: Rosewood, 6", with an ornate mithril-alloy basket hilt and pommel. History: The will of Tisiphone has led more than one Witch Hunter to his doom.

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Construction: Blade both swords : White high steel, unadorned. History: The Hunters were forged originally for the Elvish lord Vanestra and his wife Lorei, and were presented to them before they led troops into a critical battle. Inflicts additional Heat and Impact criticals same severity, same roll.

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Construction: Blade: Greenish-black laen, 26". Hilt: High steel, 12", with a cross-shaped guard and octagonal pommel of silver. History: Although formidable, Breitcar has traditionally done as much damage to structures as to people. Joined, one No-Dachi. Construction, Ja'nath Katana : Blade: Unadorned white eog, 28".

Hilt: White eog, 12", with black leather trim and gold guards. Construction, Linn-gar Wakizashi : Blade: Unadorned white eog, 18". Hilt: White eog, 10", with black leather trim and gold guards. Construction, Joined No-Dachi : Blade: White eog, 48", magically engraved with the house sigil of the wielder. Hilt: White eog, 14", with black leather trim and gold guards. Inflicts additional Vibration criticals of equal severity same roll.

Nightmares of Mine This module features the horror genre. Included are horror concept for different setting fantasy, historical, modern, sci-fi and guidlines for setting up a story. Ten Million Ways To Die Now it's time to leave your enemies bleeding in the gutter! Now it's time for 10 Million Ways to Die! You can add this combat system into any role playing game, replacing those hum-drum battles with life. Shadow World Master Atlas 4.

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  4. Edition Included are: revised and expanded plants, beast and deamon section - expanded races section - vocabulary for Iruaric, Loari, Kugor and Erlin. A map of the western hemisphere and a detailed description of its inhabitants completes this book. Haestra: Emer I Information on Emer: timeline, history, realms and powers, cultures and city maps of Aquitar, Port of Izar, Artha and Sarnak.

    Gods, immortals, dragon lords, enigmatic alien beings. Tales of the Westmarch download. During that same period, Randell submitted to ICE a manuscript for an adventure module set in the Westmarch of Calenardhon. This one is available as download directly from the authors page only! Ardor This revised edition of the classic ICE campaign entitled The Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth strives to rectify the canonical discrepancies concerning Tolkien's work of the original design while expanding its scope and retaining the flavor of this exciting campaign idea.

    Author: Thomas Morwinsky. The Inland Sea Lindon The focus of the book will be on culture and adventure. Also the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains will be included. Author: Jeff J. The Chyan Empire Harshandatt The Lynerian League Codya Luidor Urd Myr The Ulshyan Confederacy Vothrig Barl Syrnac Desdursyton Ibav Aegan Aegan and Karn Ord Arthedain The Oathbreakers Near Harad Khand A manuscript about Khand. From a friend a got the info, that the stuff is pretty rough right know but nevertheless interessting.

    Author: Jesse Dallin. Bellakar This module covers the area between Umbar and Far Harad. Currently the focus of work is coastal Esmer. Author: Eric Dubourg, Wesley J. Frank, Chris Seaman. Kykurian Kyn Shadow in the south New edition of - This revised edition of the classic ICE campaign entitled The Shadow in the South strives to rectify the canonical discrepancies concerning Tolkien's work of the original design while expanding its scope and retaining the flavor of this exciting campaign idea. Author: Eric Dubourg, Cory Rushton. Flooded Mines of Belegost The Cult of the Long Night Sinister Secret of Saltmarch The Mind's Eye Myth of the Teregond Caravans on the Old North Road MERP is a simple but nice roleplaying game based on Middle-earth.

    There are six professions and different races, some spells and many modules supporting the backround world. They refer to the special flair of Middle-earth, and ICE is getting better all the time. The modules are mainly for T. At the moment they are distributing the second edition. MERP Rulebook Peoples of Middle-earth - Valar and Maiar This compendium documents the Valar, their immortals servants the Maiar and the fallen onw like Sauron and the Balrogs. Peoples of Middle-earth - Elves Each of these proud and gifted immortals is fully described in terms of appearance, motivation, characteristics, background, and game stats for MERP and Rolemaster.

    Treasures of Middle-earth Creatures of Middle-earth Poster Map of Middle-earth Middle-Earth Adventure Guidebook Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II Northwestern Middle-earth Map Set One of the best ideas - but also one of the worst productions.

    All formerly published maps in one book with all the missing parts seperate. It could have been a set of matching maps covering the whole northwest of Middle-earth - but it is just crap. Only buy it if you need the maps and can not get the old modules inculing them.

    Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetter Lords of Middle-earth I: the Immortals Lords of Middle-earth II: the mannish races Lords of Middle-earth III Angus McBrides Characters of Middle-earth Campaign: Palantir Quest Fouth Age: a quest for the two Palantiri lost in Forochel after the death of the last king of Arthedain. Campaign: The Kin Strife ME Realm: The Shire ME Realm: Angmar ME Realm: Mirkwood Citadell of ME: Minas Tirith The capital of Gondor - npcs, trade, city life and a city description.

    Very few changes to the first edition Citadell of ME: Moria Citadell of ME: Dol Guldur Citadell of ME: Lake Town Southern Gondor: The People Southern Gondor: The Land Arnor Arnor: The People Arnor: The Land The Northern Waste The icy winds of Forochel, adventures in the far north.

    A look at the life of the Lossoth, the remains of Illuin and powerful people form a dangerous place for adventures. Hands of the Healer Descriptions for the healing professions from all over Middle-earth. You get a view on healing from the point of view of several cultures as well as herbs, professions and spells. Angmar Umbar The home of the Corsairs and black Numenorians, the city map gives a closer look to Vinyamar and the old port as in the Umbar-map in 2nd Edition Southern Gondor: the Land.

    The Court of Ardor Northern Mirkwood Southern Mirkwood Isengard and Northern Gondor Moria, the dwarfen City Rangers of the North Riders of Rohan Ride with the Rohirrim as they struggle against the hordes of Easterlings and the Orcs of the White Hand. This package covers three separate periods: their existence on the Rhovanion plain before the war with the wainriders, their life in the vales of the Anduin and the war against Scatha the Drake and their settlement in Rohan.

    Mount Gundabad Greater Harad The city of Tul Harar - home of men and elves - is the last free city of the seven cities of Sirnay.

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    Still the clan Masra is searching the legendary weapons of Obed - hoping to overthrow the searvants of darkness ruling in Tul Isra. Lots of info for a campain in this merchant-dominated region - and Tul Harar certainly has a flair of its own Gorgoroth Everthing on orcs you can imagine, the Nazgul and major places of interest: Mount Doom, Carach Angren, Barad-wath and Ostigurth - city of death.

    Not recommened for holidays Grey Mountains Lorien Heavens of Gondor Sea Lords of Gondor Featuring the port of Pelargir and all minor ports in Lebennin. You also get info on culture, polictis, economy, fauna and flora of this region. Special: ships from Gondor, Umbar and the Haradim and military statistics of Gondor. Also a couple of adventure suggestions. Ents of Fangorn Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains Lost realm of Cardolan Far Harad, the scorched land Lots of background stuff for adventuring Far Harad.

    Of cause the servants of darkness are at work in the Raj - you will see Mirkwood