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After Erik returns to Gothenburg, he finds out that a couple living near his apartment is murdered.

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Nothing is stolen and the couple seem to have no enemies so Erik and his colleagues struggle to find a motive. As we expect from a realistic character, he obviously misses a number of leads and is late in finding out what the couple were up to. Nevertheless, the story is very captivating and well-written.


I recommend this book to all fans of mystery genre especially readers who like Scandinavian Crime. Our Rating: 4.

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Eoki stormed out of her home, accusing her of abandoning their fellow Argonian slaves. Behind the scenes, Eoki has been in contact with the Ropefish , an abolitionist group that operates in Vvardenfell.

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  6. As the Outlander made contact with Atarga and Lagdabash at the Gateway Inn , their plan of taking the Argonians out of Vvardenfell was going successfully. Eoki and the Outlander travel to Vassamsi Grotto where they met with the Ropefish and the Argonian slaves.

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    Though, they were followed by Sun-in-Shadow and Slavemaster Arenim , with a brigand of guards. In the Outlander was able to defeat Arenim, but the fate of Eoki is unknown. The property that she occupied near Vos would become the tower of Tel Vos. Unlike the other Magisters in House Telvanni, she has sympathy for the lesser races of Tamriel, which becomes a trend of Tel Vos owners, as seen with Aryon. Her rise to Oathman goes to show how little the House Telvanni care about other races, considering their mistreatment to the beastfolk and human races. Sun-in-Shadow is a prime example of success, starting from the bottom of the caste, to a substantial level.

    Online:Sun-in-Shadow - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

    It is unknown whether Sun-in-Shadow elevated to a higher rank such as a Wizard or Magister. Sign In Don't have an account?

    Start a Wiki. Like most novices, she breaks more things than she mends. But any true mage can see that these blunders are the result of audacity. A Telvanni mage needs both in ample measure. Shadow length [m] Geodata for the selected location. More solar data.


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