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Saturn Returns: Astropolis, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Imre can vaguely piece together the fact he was a crucial part in that war, and that he had a handful of colleagues in an elite squad of fighters. None of the vital records that might help him have survived the , years missing to his memory. All that is left him is to go back to the only battleground he can recall, see what and who he can find, and go from there. This then is a high concept sci-fi book, and there is a lot of meatiness in the ideas brought to the genre here. Adding to the above is the history mankind has had of forming its own hive-mind entities, and a different type of clone — a match in every way age included , that can meet up, merge memories and form a composite personality from every part's experiences.

Not only that, people can change their body clock to live their life in fast-forward or slow-motion, which helps endure the inter-stellar travel, for one.

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All that has to be portrayed in the book in a clear way, and of course have to work fully with the plot. And happily, that is the case here.

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Never does the conceptual imagination get in the way of the story-telling side of things, and the mystery Imre wakes up to is, for us at least, brilliantly enjoyable. To be honest there are a few cheesy moments when every chapter has to have one person give some expository back-story to Imre, but we should forgive that.

There is a galactic mystery here for our hero ine to solve — featuring the loss to the universe of the Continuum — a virtually living Interweb-style mixture of every kind of data, information and experience that the humans have spread across their realms, and the Slow Wave, whose name is as much of a misnomer as the rush hour. There is also a strong personality for Imre here, and to a lesser extent perhaps, the other people he unites with.

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It's the plot however that worked for me, as far as it goes…. To me by far the most important and understandable words in the book's title are Book 1 , for it gets clearer and clearer as one goes along that this is definitely the first part of a series, and we can only get more and more frustrated at the thought of how little closure and revealed secrets we will get at the end of this volume.

Publisher's Summary

Conflicted, Imre follows his heart and takes action. The road thereafter taking him to lost memories and friends of old, problem is, some would have been better served left in the past.

Problem is, the universe building is wadded onto the bits of dialogue between these characters. In the end, Saturn Returns is science fiction for the contemporary market.

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From the gray characterization to the significant effort in detailing a post-singularity universe, readers in that niche of genre will melt into the book. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Dark experiments, dangerous ruins, fleeting ghosts and deadly conspiracies On the edge of the galaxy in a distant and terrible future, Imre Bergamasc is reborn into a pieced-together body with the certain knowledge that he was the victim of an elaborate murder plot.

But neither his mind nor the history of his former life are as easily reassembled, so he sets out to follow the fragments of his memories and discover the reason for his elimination. Through interstellar graveyards, decaying megacities and bizarre star systems, he pursues whispers connecting the death of the worlds he once knew to his own murder. Tracked by forces determined to thwart his efforts, Imre combs the wreckage of the future for the truth about himself--no matter how unbearable it may be.

Saturn Returns (Astropolis, book 1) by Sean Williams

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