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Best practices for What is transformational leadership? What is a business analyst? A key role What is agile? The principles of agile There are 12 key principles that still guide agile project management today.

Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority and is achieved through rapid and continuous delivery. Changing environments are embraced at any stage of the process to provide the customer with a competitive advantage. A product or service is delivered with higher frequency. Stakeholders and developers collaborate closely on a daily basis. All stakeholders and team members remain motivated for optimal project outcomes, while teams are provided with all the necessary tools and support, and are trusted to accomplish project goals.

Face-to-face meetings are deemed the most efficient and effective format for project success. A final working product is the ultimate measure of success. Sustainable development is accomplished through agile processes whereby development teams and stakeholders are able to maintain a constant and ongoing pace.

Agility is enhanced through a continuous focus on technical excellence and proper design. Simplicity is an essential element. Self-organizing teams are most likely to develop the best architectures and designs and to meet requirements. Regular intervals are used by teams to improve efficiency through fine-tuning behaviors. Industry Agile adoption rate Software ISV 23 percent Financial services 14 percent Professional services 12 percent Insurance 6 percent Healthcare 6 percent Government 5 percent Telecoms 4 percent Transportation 4 percent Manufacturing 4 percent.

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How low-code platforms are transforming software development. Rethinking software development in the AI era. Best practices for service-level agreements.

Project Management

They also analyze necessary metrics related to resource assignment and capacity planning. Below figure 1, well describes the roles of these two. Image Source: docs. In the above resource plan template, first column identifies different resources as A, B and C. Third column relates resource to different projects followed by specific project tasks in fourth column. In subsequent column, resource assignment to various tasks for specific hours in a day is maintained.

For an example, resource A, in team A is allocated for task 1 of project A on February for 5 hours. Many organizations have seen project failure even after implementing the best resources management software why? The reason is, organizations have their processes at different maturity level. And if the resources are not aligned to the process maturity, then it is very likely to meet project failures at initial or later stages. There are some key principles of resource management. These principles are useful for any organization to manage their resources in projects.

Project resources are managed with the help of resource assignment matrix such as RACI chart and capacity utilization calculation for different resources.

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They require some soft skills to manage them efficiently. Skills include communication, leadership, and guidance to be motivated and inspired while working. The data can only tell about resource utilization and resource availability, but cannot increase resource productivity.

Hence, a metric can be used to identify the areas of concern. But they can be well addressed by the people themselves.

Talk to the relevant resources or team regarding concerns and help them to resolve the same. Involve the resources to achieve common project objectives.

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Ensure to align all the resources and set expectations. Resources should be clear about, what is expected out of them. They should be involved in project risk identification by encouraging them for open discussion. They should be given the liberty to set and estimate task schedules depending on their priorities.

This will increase the resource commitment towards schedules. Bring the sense of collaboration among team members. So that all the resources come to the common platform of understanding. Real time feedback to the team will enhance their confidence and commitment. Always try to allocate the right resources for right tasks. Always match the resource capability and interest with the task and then do an assignment.

Know your resource and his or her interest, Then figure out which task motivates him or her the most. Assign that task only to him or her to keep your resource production. Also, the efforts of your resources should not go unrewarded. Ensure to make your resources knew about, how important their contribution to assigned tasks was.

Recognize their effort and time. There are some best practices followed by organizations to allocate their resources efficiently and manage them effectively. Lets discuss them in following heads:. Set up a centralized resource pool for project assignments. Use two important management tools to govern the resource pool — the cost associated with each resource in pool and availability of each resource. Based on these two criteria, manage the allocation of resources to different project tasks. Balance the workload of resources, so that no resource is overloaded.

Resource leveling needs to be done on a continuous basis to ensure resources are being used effectively and aligned as per the need of task prioritization.

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Keep the track of resources allocation in real time to know which resource is engaged in whatever activity at a particular moment. This will certainly help to keep all the resources productive and maximize their effective utilization.

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One should not neglect the importance of information resource management. Track the progress of ongoing projects in real time to obtain maximum information, to understand the challenges and to anticipate any potential risk. So that there is course correction, if needed and can be executed in advance.