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Goetzmann and William Stott.

In , he began his academic career as a professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago , where he eventually was named director of the American Studies Institute. Hales' text Silver Cities: The Photography of American Urbanization, — , charted the transformation of America through the mass-production and distribution of photographs; its Visual Culture focus on the rapidly urbanizing nation through exploration of U. Hales focus eventually turned from specifically urban America to the broader changes in the nation's physical and cultural geography.

His analysis concentrated on the westward expansion of the United States, particularly with regard to its settlement and the resulting industrialization of a transcontinental American culture. Hales' second book, William Henry Jackson and the Transformation of the American Landscape used the life's work of Jackson photography as a means to trace the changes in American attitudes toward the land.

Outside the Gates of Eden

Over the next decades, Hales' work expanded from the history of photography to wider studies of technology, modernization and land use. He published essays, monographs and catalog essays on topics ranging from the World's Columbian Exposition , methods of rephotographic surveying, the geography of art history survey text and the images of atomic-tests in Life during the Cold War. The Baker bomb, suspended 90 degrees below the land ship LSM, spewed a column of water that hoisted the mile wide, foot tall mushroom cloud.

Washington, D.

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S Army-Navy task force staged two atomic weapons tests at Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands, the first atomic explosions since the bombings of Japan in August Worried about its survival in an atomic war, the Navy sought the tests in order to measure the effects of atomic explosions on warships and other military targets. The first test, Able, took place on 1 July Of the two tests, the second, Baker, on 25 July , was the most dangerous and spectacular, producing iconic images of nuclear explosions.

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A third test was scheduled, but canceled. Photographs and videos posted today by the National Security Archive document Crossroads , focusing on the Able test. Also documented is the U. The Bikinians had the impression that the relocation would be temporary but the islands remain uninhabitable due to subsequent nuclear testing in the atoll.

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To stage the tests the Navy sought a remote site under U. By December , Navy planners had decided that the most suitable location was Bikini, part of the Marshall Islands group, which had been captured from the Japanese in early Over 42, U.

Fifteen universities were involved and so were many corporations and nongovernmental organizations. About Contact News Giving to the Press.

~ Science, logic, and ethics, from a Whiteheadian Pragmatist perspective (go figure)

No Caption Needed Robert Hariman. Difficult Reputations Gary Alan Fine.

Born under the shadow of the bomb, with little security but the cold comfort of duck-and-cover, the postwar generations lived through—and led—some of the most momentous changes in all of American history. Hales explores those decades through perceptive accounts of a succession of resonant moments, spaces, and artifacts of everyday life—drawing unexpected connections and tracing the intertwined undercurrents of promise and peril. Full of richly drawn set-pieces and countless stories of unforgettable moments, Outside the Gates of Eden is the most comprehensive account yet of the baby boomers, their parents, and their children, as seen through the places they built, the music and movies and shows they loved, and the battles they fought to define their nation, their culture, and their place in what remains a fragile and dangerous world.

Outside the Gates of Eden: The Dream of America from Hiroshima to Now

Table of Contents. Erika Doss, author of Memorial Mania. Dolores Hayden, author of Building Suburbia.