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Zeke avoids her, though, more so when Rogue emerges. He's strongly attracted to her, but he's got a past full of secrets that could put her life in danger.

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His desire for her overflows, though, and he claims Rogue. And just as he suspected, her life is now in danger. Zeke must protect Rogue and finally put his past to rest if he hopes to see where things go with the strong, sexy woman. Review: Most of what I can think to say about this book is what I feel could have been done better or differently to make me like it more than I did. There wasn't really anything that stood out as something I loved. In general I liked the book, but I just wished things had been better. She was sweet, virginal Caitlyn when she first moved to Somerset.

Then she was bad ass Rogue who no one wanted to mess with. And throughout this book, it didn't seem like she was truly either one. There's times when she thinks she's tired of owning the bar and running it, and she's happy when she works in the restaurant because she can dress different there not as bad girl.

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Which A didn't feel right because at other times she seemed to love being bad ass Rogue, and B when the end of the book came around, I had no idea who Rogue was going to be. Was she going to keep up the bad girl persona? Go back to more Caitlyn like? Or be a mix of the two? I just didn't like how when the book ended, I unsure who she was as a person. The second thing I wished had been different was the plot. The suspense aspect of this book ties in to the running storyline of homegrown terrorists that has been going since the first book. And honestly? I was rather tired of that story.

That plot just kept going and going and going. You think it's done, then you find out oops, wait, there's still more! How many times can you say in one book that you've caught the big bad leader then in the next book say hey, wait, there's actually another secret head guy we've got to catch.

It got old and I was just tired of this story plot. Plus, I felt like all the background Leigh added to Zeke who's been around since book 1 didn't fit the character I imagined and who was built up over 4 books. Something was off about it. And I didn't like how in this book Zeke seemed not like the Mackays from the other books.

He was really antagonistic to them and I didn't like them. I also wished there had been more of the Mackays in this book. They really had only minor roles and it made the book feel rather disconnected from the other books in the series. Romance-wise with Zeke and Rogue. Pretty typical for what you get with this series. Alpha dog, dominant hero. Virginal heroine who submits to the Alpha dog.

I didn't really have any major likes or dislikes about the relationship that develops. And yes, there's lots of smokin hot sex like you didn't already know that given it's an LL book. If you're a fan of this series, I think this book is worth reading. It's a good continuation of the series, though I think it could have been better.

WARNING, this book contains: explicit language and sex, oral sex, anal sex, a dominant Alpha dog her, and probably some other relatively mild stuff that I'm not remembering. View all 3 comments. View 1 comment. Jul 08, Stevie rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , law-enforcement , alpha-male , disappointing , part-of-a-series , damaged-heroine , damaged-hero.

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Not what I am used to from Leigh. When I get in the mood for something squirm-worthy and shall we say, stimulating, with a decent story, she used to be one of my go to's. I snagged this accidentally, my original intent was to start with the first of the series. The story as a whole wasn't bad, the romance aspect was the downfall. I am thinking the characters were supposed to portray more of a slow burning, clashing rivalry romance, battling for dominance, which LL has pulled off quite well in he Not what I am used to from Leigh. I am thinking the characters were supposed to portray more of a slow burning, clashing rivalry romance, battling for dominance, which LL has pulled off quite well in her Breed series, with some enjoyable alphas.

Not here though. The female lead has an obnoxious temper which boarders on childish, but only with the people who actually care about her. She's supposes to be so smart, but gravitates to anyone who mistreats her, and she just allows and accepts it. So over it by then. The mystery surrounding the whole plot was fragmented and not very well assembled. But I did jump in on the 5th in the series, so I could be way off base on that point. I didn't feel any connection or chemistry with the characters. There's plenty of sex, but again, it just felt disjointed.

Like it was there just for the sake of being there. Simply put, this was smut-fluff, not erotica. I know - but there is a difference. To me anyway. Have to say, I was disappointed and won't be returning to the series. Feb 20, July rated it it was amazing Shelves: home-library.

Rogue Walker and Sheriff Zeke Mayes is fighting the attraction for years. Well the years of fighting the attraction have come to an end. Rogue has been trying to let Zeke know that she is old enough for a real adult relationship. Zeke has been avoiding Rogue. He doesn't do relationships. He has a very dark side and knows that Rogue is very innocent so he must stay away. But he is finding it harder and harder to do that.

People are starting to show up dead and now he is worried about Rogue. She could end up getting hurt. Now that he has decided he must protect her, he must spend more time with her. They cannot resist one another. What a sexy book. Jan 04, Willow Brook rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary. I never can be entirely objective with favorite authors, even ones I'm irritated with.

I will say that so far I've found the Nauti series consistently enjoyable other than the titles. Nauti Dreams is still by far my favorite, but Nauti Deceptions was a nice installment with Zeke and Rogue's story. Zeke is the sheriff in a lovely appearing small town that is rife with criminal behaviors up to and including homegrown terrorists. Despite that disturbing aspect, not to mention the decades of corruption, people insist on living there and even return after getting out. Rogue is the daughter of a former citizen who was traumatized and her life as a schoolteacher destroyed when she irritated the wrong people.

Instead of leaving town and returning to her family in Boston, she settles into life as a wild, supposedly bad girl who runs a biker bar on the outskirts of town. Nauti Deceptions continues with the secret terrorist organization which has operated for at least 30 years committing countless crimes and plotting to overthrow the US government. In other words, a standard dramatic, far fetched LL plot but it serves as a backdrop for the relationship between Zeke and the much younger Rogue. In addition to a troubled past, Zeke also struggles with his "dark passions" which he hides even from his carefully chosen and casual lovers.

Zeke fights his attraction to Rogue who he feels is too young and innocent for him. Rogue meanwhile has pined after Zeke for years and remained a virgin the whole time despite his various lovers. As the story opens, Zeke finally can hold out no longer and finally begins an affair with the tough acting but vulnerable when she isn't kneeing men in the groin Rogue. The editing remains much improved from some of LL's books last year. I think she is still setting much too hard a schedule for herself and that is bound to affect quality overall.

There were little things in this book like saying someone was "cowarding" which I'll assume was an overlooked typo and not LL thinking that was an actual word. The hero's inner turmoil over his "dark" desires was too similar to Khalid's angst over his menage lifestyle in Guilty Pleasures. Makes a reader nostalgic for those Nauti cousins who are all good with their sex drives and fondness for kink.

Also like Khalid and many a LL hero for that matter was Zeke staying away for years from the woman he loves who in turn moons over him and remains a virgin. Even Natches' sharp shooting skills were demonstrated in almost exactly the same kind of situation as a few books ago. Oh and the repeated references to Rogue's violet eyes got on my nerves. Despite all that, I still really liked the book and enjoyed the interactions between Zeke and Rogue who are a perfect match sexually.

With Rogue, Zeke lets his dominant, loving, protective Alpha loose with abandon. I would have liked to see more of the cousins, Alex and their wives but it was nice to see or hear about them in passing. It isn't clear if LL plans to do any more Nauti books. She ends Nauti Deceptions in such a way that makes it look like she may be moving on. I could see her doing something with Rogue's brother John who also has violet eyes, ugh , however. If so, I'll be reading it. The Nauti books haven't let me down yet. Mar 01, Tiffany Danner rated it really liked it Shelves: reads.

Lora Leigh is my guilty pleasure. Her books are candy for my smut loving self.

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They were ok, but something was missing for me. I went into this book expecting the same and expecting to be bored because Zeke and Rogue never really appealed to me in the previous books. I was also a little wary of the ongoing terrorist suspense plot. In previou Lora Leigh is my guilty pleasure. In previous Nauti books Rogue was never very interesting to me.

This is one of those books I am so thankful for multiple points of view. She is smart, tough as nails, stubborn, sarcastic, and yet vulnerable — something I never expected. Zeke, oh what can I say about Zeke. He is very overprotective and totally aggravating at times, but somehow I was able to overlook that. It probably has something to do with this dirty mouth and tendency to growl — its a weakness of mine.

The romance between Rogue and Zeke was intense. I was on the edge of my seat more than once, my stomach in knots as I wondered if this would be the time they really connected or not. My only complaint is the suspense plot, it was weak and felt overdone. I feel like the terrorist organization in this tiny town plot is being dragged on and on and on through book after book in this series.

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If you are a fan of the series, definitely do not skip this one. Both main characters were pretty hard-assed and I found them both irritating at times. The steamy scenes were hot as were the teasing arguments between Zeke and Rogue. Nov 10, Bonnie G. I really love reading Lora Leigh. I accept that Ms. Leigh will mix metaphors and misuse words, she will repeat the same thought 4 different times in slightly different ways and call it a paragraph times over , she will write a very non-mysterious mystery, and there will always be deeply meaningful butt sex as if sphincter penetration is the new "I do.

I hate that! What we have here is an excellent first draft. Please Ms. Leigh, get an editor. I can recommend one. If you like Lora Leigh you will still want to read this, but if you are new to her start somewhere else. I recommend the Seals series. The writing there is a bit tighter. Sure it doesn't read like Proust, but then again, Proust never wrote meaningful butt sex. Sep 19, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: fiction-romance , library-books , fiction-unfinished-series. This was reasonably good, but I got a bit bored in the second half and had trouble staying awake while reading it last night, in the end I had to skim about 50 pages before I could wake myself up enough to pay more attention and finish the book.

The sex scenes were on par with all the other Leigh books, nothing particularly new, but nothing bad. I thought Zeke's reasons for staying away from Rogue sounded very fake. He kept saying she was too innocent to deal with his proclivities, he said that he hadn't been able to be himself in all his past relationships since the death of his wife, but when he finally is 'himself' with Rogue his sexual appetites appeared no more out there than any other alpha male that I've ever read.

I don't understand what the big deal was. If he thinks he's different, 'unique', he should read more romance, he'd see that he's not that different after all, in fact, compared with some of the other men of his type, he'd be at the bottom of the alpha male controllingness-hierarchy. Feb 02, Caty rated it really liked it. OK, i've loved the nauti boys series so far, and i trully enjoyed the development of Zeke and Rogue's relationship, the scene with the son was just hillarious and as always with miss Leigh the sex scenes were steamy.

That being said I don't want to give any spoilers, but man, it seems so last minute, like they decided to include it just OK, i've loved the nauti boys series so far, and i trully enjoyed the development of Zeke and Rogue's relationship, the scene with the son was just hillarious and as always with miss Leigh the sex scenes were steamy.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but man, it seems so last minute, like they decided to include it just seconds before the book was printed. I wonder if this is the last book of the series, that infamous epilogue seems to suggest it, and i hope not, 'cause then i'm hating it even more. Jan 31, Tiffany rated it it was amazing Shelves: military-men , romantic-suspense , contemporary-romance , erotic-romance , reads.

Maybe more like 4. With every book of hers, I'm more blown away. Her style allows for SUCH intensity in her books, with the couples. She has truly alpha heroes who are hot as hell, and I cannot put her books down once I start. Zeke and Rogue have that same drive, that passionate need, to be together especially after fighting it for five years. The suspense was interesting. It would have been nice to see more of the Mackays that we love so much from the se Maybe more like 4. It would have been nice to see more of the Mackays that we love so much from the series, but I don't want to say good-bye to these characters.

I have really enjoyed the series and love Lora Leigh. May 05, Astraycat rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , virgin-heroine , alpha-male , older-hero , friends-to-lovers , police-fbi. Great story! Zeke, a stubborn alpha male, who determined to stay away from Rogue for five years cause he couldn't commit to someone again after his wife and mother were murdered due to his investigation. Rogue, a strong-willed heroine, who pretended to be a flirt while running her bar after she was set up by Natches Mackay's evil father and aunt.

When Zeke finally gave up to his desire, danger also approached Rogue. Recommend to those who love to read erotic romance with alpha male and suspense. Loved it!! I hope there are more to come?? View all 12 comments. Feb 07, Debbie rated it it was amazing. I think this one is my favorite of the series! Feb 15, Catherine rated it it was amazing. This was a hot book. If you like a steamy romance you should try this series.

Nauti Deceptions

This is book 5. Mar 07, Nina rated it really liked it. Zeke and Rogue were incredibly hot and hot and hot together. Oh, man If I was reading this as a book, I think the pages would've caught on fire. Lora Leigh knows how to weave a complelling and complex story of love, hate, sex, and strong characters. I enjoyed. I recommend to all erotic romance readers. The only thing I didn't understand was the reasoning behind Rogue's anger.

I left it that I'm not the person in the story or the person who wrote it; so I don't need to understand the reasoning behind the character's rage. Nov 15, Maggie Perez De Molina rated it it was amazing. I need to find me a Sheriff Mayes. Does anyone know where I can find one? The man jumps off the page and you will swear you can feel him in and around you. The writing is hot and steamy and sexy and I have never wanted to be a fictional character more than Rogue Walker.

First of all, her name is Rouge. I love this book already! I was practically sweating reading the steamy parts. I love everything about this book. Rogue has love Zeke since she came into town. When embarrassing photo are put on internet she loses her job and any hope of respectability. So she embraces her wild side and manages a bar and helps with the MacKay restaurant.

But things are in play when her Walker relatives are murdered. Zeke is fighting his attraction to her and still trying to catch a killer. See how it turns out. Good Reading Interesting story line. Keeps you guessing who the killer might be. Didn't guess until the last five pages. Enjoyed the book. Jul 30, Amber rated it it was ok. I'm reading these all out of order. This was worlds better than the first book but some of the characterizations were shaky to nonexistent. Aug 09, Amy rated it really liked it. My favorite story out of the whole Nauti Boys Series. I love Rogue and Zeke together as a couple; her toughness is a perfect match for the mysterious sheriff.

This story is a wrap up to all the bad events that happened in the previous stories. If I have a chance to own one Lora Leigh book, this one would be it. Case Histories. Night School.

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