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I don't know why not because we have no qualification in the constitution. And in any case, if you don't think I'm qualified, then it's a campaign issue. You put to a vote through an election, and the Electoral College will decide whether I am qualified or not. But they didn't do that," she said. It's outrageous that every time you have a difference of opinion people just go straight to Museveni. You know Museveni has not talked to me I think in four years.

The last I talked to him was in , and it is ridiculous for anybody to say that any time you disagree with them you are the one who has been paid and not them. I'm not the one who said the constitution should be manipulated unless Museveni paid them to manipulate the constitution," Kamya said. Kamya said she's still committed to the ideals and values of the FDC and that her resignation would not destroy the party. Most of them by the way have been largely press-driven storm in a teacup. If you don't agree with the way your leader is doing things you can resign so that you are not a part of the way that things are done.

And so to me it was a media-driven storm in a teacup. And so it's a small thing that can happen in any party, a disagreement," Kamya said.

The FDA Tells Congress E-Cigarettes Are Unsafe—and Illegal

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Bosanski ba. Srpski glasamerike. Azerbaijani amerikaninsesi. Central Asia. South Asia. Bahasa Indonesia voaindonesia. Khmer voacambodia. Afaan Oromoo voaafaanoromoo. The high-quality cradle-to-grave services those taxes fund have come to define existence across the Blue Fed, from guaranteed public preschool to lifelong medical coverage with no co-pays or deductibles, and have incubated a highly skilled workforce and some of the most impressive life-expectancy rates in the world.

Dental care continues to depend on a system of private insurance. Over the first decade of its existence, Red Fed leaders found their purpose unwinding the domestic reforms of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Barack Obama and with them much of the 20th-century regulatory state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration all saw their staffs gutted, left incapable of enforcing whatever rules did remain on the books.

An alphabet soup of government agencies, Bill Kristol tweeted, had become a savory bone broth. The National Labor Relations Board withered in the Red Fed, along with New Deal rules that blocked companies from interfering in employee efforts to win collective-bargaining power.

The shift set off a return to the fierce business-labor battles of the Gilded Age, most visible in the emergence of new firms founded by Blackwater and Black Cube alumni, known as the Blackertons, that specialize in aggressive digital surveillance and online-misinformation campaigns against union organizers. The effective elimination of most environmental and employment regulations proved irresistible to manufacturers. Boeing announced it would stop making capital investments in its Seattle-area factory and begin to shift jet assembly to a new plant in Covington, Kentucky.

Factories relocated from China to be closer to the American consumer market and avoid import tariffs. Unemployment in parts of the Red Fed fell below 2 percent and the region briefly reached 5 percent growth — each several times better than Blue Fed indicators — leading conservative economists to praise the Red Miracle. It was not just manufacturing and resource extraction that boomed in the Red Fed. Sloan Kettering now treats New York as little more than an administrative base; the majority of its hospital rooms are in Texas. Johns Hopkins considered closing its medical school when nearly half the faculty decamped en masse to Baylor.

Wealthy Blue Fed residents willing to pay out of pocket now invariably travel to Houston when they want an immediate appointment with a specialist of their choice. The arrivals area at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport is packed with chauffeurs from van services run by clinics supported by specializing in such medical tourism. Auctions of public lands across the interior west, along with the privatization of the Tennessee Valley Authority, generated a quick gusher of cash. Vowing not to let the new government wealth create more bureaucracy, Red Fed leaders deposited it all in a Free States Energy Trust Fund that would pay out an annual dividend to every adult and child in the region — a no-strings-attached cash transfer of hundreds of dollars per year.

The Southern Baptist Convention encouraged its members to tithe their dividend checks directly into new aid societies to help the least fortunate. The most popular charitable cause has been a relief society to aid religious conservatives in the Blue Fed seeking to migrate to the Red Fed. The boom in manufacturing and energy jobs on one side of the border and the guarantee of free government-sponsored education and medical care on the other created an incentive for families to split — with one spouse working and paying taxes in the Red Fed and the other, usually with children in tow, collecting benefits in the Blue Fed.

Reaction to Blue Fed culture drives much Red Fed governance. When the Blue Fed opened a gleaming new visitor center at Yosemite, the Red Fed moved to privatize all the concessions at Yellowstone. After Illinois led a Blue Fed initiative to upgrade its rail service, the Red Fed ended all cooperation with Amtrak, even adjusting gauge size along the Mississippi River to prevent passage of passenger trains from one side to another. Only when the Supreme Court ruled that a compact-wide abortion ban did not place an undue burden on reproductive freedom because Red Fed residents could travel for free services in the Blue Fed did it become evident that conservative social policy would impede efforts to diversify the Red Fed economy beyond natural resources and heavy manufacturing.

John A. Hall & Charles Lindholm, Is America Breaking Apart? - PhilPapers

It retaliated by placing its own excise tax on domestic wine, which led the Red Fed to deepen its trade ties with Chile and Argentina. A Blue Fed requirement that certain freight classes travel only by all-electric truck fleets had nearly doubled the cost of transporting products to the interior west. Frequent work stoppages by West Coast longshoremen emboldened by their labor-friendly administration affirmed a strategy agreed to by titans of Red Fed industry: They needed their own Pacific port.

A new terminal, staffed by American Customs officials, connects directly with a spur of the Kansas City Southern railroad.

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There, nonunion laborers load ships with minerals mined through the American West, including lithium and soda ash, heading largely to East Asia, and unload bananas and smartphones from Ecuador and China heading for the landlocked states of the Red Fed without ever once passing through Blue Fed territory. And then came the first humanitarian crisis.

When the families of West Virginia workers started overloading schools and hospitals across the border in Hagerstown, Maryland, the Blue Fed began to impose residence requirements for many of its social services. The conditions were often dire. Tent cities around Palm Springs saw the first American measles outbreak in a generation, and in the Spokane bidonvilles, dozens of children froze to death during a harsh winter. On the other side, some of the progressive activists who played crucial roles building early support for the health-care compact argue that the Blue Fed has an obligation to promote its values even beyond its borders.

The debate rages across the region: What obligation do they have to other Americans who have democratically chosen to pursue a very different way of life? The Blue Fed backed down, publicly revoking its invitation, but only after the Red Fed agreed to jointly lobby Congress to create a series of regionally restricted work visas.

When Hurricane Rigoberto came through the Gulf of Mexico, leaving large portions of Houston underwater for months — the first trillion-dollar natural disaster, at least when the cost of the subsequent malaria outbreak is included — the Red Fed demanded a bailout from the federal government. The Pentagon lost its authority to act as a nonaligned arbiter of the national interest.

When, months later, intelligence agencies issued a report pinning the crash of the western renewable-energy grid on a North Korean cyberattack, Red Fed cities saw some of their largest mass protests in years, all against a rush to war. As concerns about climate change have grown more dire, other countries have become intent on punishing dissenters from the international order, and the Red Fed is now a global villain. China announced most-favored-region trade policies that would give Blue Fed exporters an advantage over domestic rivals when selling into the Chinese market.

These trade-related conflicts squeeze Illinois, which wants to export Caterpillar tractors to China under favorable conditions but lags behind West Coast and New England states in transitioning to GMO-free agriculture. Although a founding member of the Blue Fed, Illinois at times felt geographically isolated, surrounded by Red Fed or neutral states. Illinois withdrew from the Blue Fed and helped to form the Great Lakes Federation, which stretches from Philadelphia to Des Moines and up to Duluth, with a permanent capital in Chicago.

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As the year judicial truce is about to expire, the Midwest controls the balance of power in a Congress that may be forced by the Supreme Court to revisit some of its earliest assumptions about returning power to the states. There is another real-life contemporary example of a semi-secession: Brexit. It, too, began as little more than a thought experiment.

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  • What if we could reject a far-off governing structure that no longer seems responsive to our interests in favor of local authority that can more closely match our aspirations and sense of identity as a people? There must have been something thrilling about getting to cast a vote for self-determination. Yet those who are now forced to make that reverie real are pulling back from their former self-confidence about it. As it was for a majority of Britons, it is easier to imagine breaking up the United States than figuring out how to make it work — whether through bold new policies or merely a functioning version of consensus politics.

    The seeming inelasticity of our system of governance also guarantees a security and predictability that we take for granted. A snapshot of what the nation would look like if it cleaved in three today. Blue Federation : White Blue : 69,, Red : 73,, Neutral : 64,, Black Blue : 12,, Red : 17,, Neutral : 8,, Hispanic Blue : 28,, Red : 18,, Neutral : 8,, Asian Blue : 11,, Red : 2,, Neutral : 2,, Other Blue : 4,, Red : 3,, Neutral : 2,, Blue : Foreign-born: Blue : 3.

    Blue : Red : Neutral : Blue : , Red : , Neutral : , Blue : 9. Blue : 11,, Red : 7,, Neutral : 5,, Subscribe Now! E-cigarette maker Juul is shutting down broadcast, print and digital advertising and ending lobbying efforts in Washington as safety concerns over vaping intensify. The company on Wednesday said its CEO was stepping down and will be replaced by a senior executive from Altria, the maker of Marlboro.

    Also on Wednesday, one month after announcing that they were in merger talks, the tobacco giants Altria and Philip Morris International said they were calling off those discussions. Juul has long pushed its e-cigarettes as an alternative for adults looking to wean themselves off tobacco products. But e-cigarettes have become popular among teenagers, and illnesses potentially linked to the product are on the rise. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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    An ambitious plan for transitional justice

    By David Wallace-Wells. Window shades are trickier. Most Popular. On CNN, Rep. Trump is now telling the UN news conference about his Electoral College votes.

    Some media are quoting me from last week about my hope that America will remove Donald Trump by an election, not Impeachment. Blocks diversion of funds for wall. This will not be any kind of breaking point for most Republicans.

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    Besides MittRomney , have not heard a single Republican senator express any concern. Lankford, Grassley and Scott all dismiss or downplay the transcript. Everything you need to know about the next steps in Congress, and the consequences Trump might face.

    Post Malone – I Fall Apart (Lyrics) 🎵

    Impeachment over this? What a nothing non-quid pro quo burger.