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Handbook of Neurosociology : David D. Franks :

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Usually delivered in days? Until recently, a handbook on neurosociology would have been viewed with skepticism by sociologists, who have long been protective of their disciplinary domain against perceived encroachment by biology. But a number of developments in the last decade or so have made sociologists more receptive to biological factors in sociology and social psychology.

Much of this has been encouraged by the coeditors of this volume, David Franks and Jonathan Turner. This new interest has been increased by the explosion of research in neuroscience on brain functioning and brain-environment interaction via new MRI technologies , with implications for social and psychological functioning. Freese J. Annual Review of Sociology.

Handbook of Neurosociology

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Prof. David Franks -- Part 2 of "New Thoughts on Agency & Bits of Neurosociology"

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Shkurko Yu. Rubric : New phenomena in social consciousness and societal practices. For citation: Shkurko Yu. In search of neurosociology. Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya [Sociological Studies].