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A Plastic mod Panzer I Ausf. A Breda, Spani The seventh prototype had made its first flight on 20 January , equipped with a modified tail and aerodynamic brakes.

Finally, the eighth and last pre-series aircraft flew on 18 April , equipped with the Rolls-Royce W. The first production series aircraft were twenty Gloster G. I , equipped with W.

Many of those were used as test aircraft, for the continued development of turbines and of the aircraft in itself, including the 18th example, called the "Trent-Meteor" and which became the world's first turbopropelled aircraft, with its Derwent jet turbine driving a Rotol five-bladed propeller, having made its first flight as such on 20 September The Meteor F. I , placing it on an unrecoverable spin, and the second shooting it with his aircraft's four 20mm cannons.

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On 18 December , the first F. III s were delivered to the squadron and on 4 February a flight moved to Belgium, under control of the No. In April another unit, No. The F. III carried a larger amount of fuel, as well as a sliding canopy. Just fifteen examples were fitted with Welland engines, the remaining examples of the mark being delivered with Derwent engines, some of them incorporating longer engine nacelles.

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The following version, the F. IV , used these same engines and some of them had its wingspan reduced by 5ft 10in; also, starting from the 89th aircraft, a 30ft extension was added to the fuselage ahead of the wings, which contributed somewhat to reduce the longitudinal instability of the previous marks. The introduction of a jet fighter in operational service, with operational characteristics very much different from those of piston-engined fighters, led Gloster to build, on its own initiative, a version biplace of the F.

IV , extending the nose in 2ft 6in, removing the four 20mm cannons and placing a heavily-framed canopy over the tandem cockpit.

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Its is interesting to note that the RAF trained its Meteor pilots on piston-engined aircraft, after which they were checked on the cockpit while on the ground, until they were seen to be fit for their first jet flight! However, a Meteor training version became strongly needed when a hundred F. IV s were bought by Argentina in ; the only way to train the Argentinean pilots was to remove the canopy and to do several taxy runs, with an instructor lying on top of the aircrafts fuselage, behind the cockpit, screaming instructions to the student!

The T. The first F. A total of 1, examples were produced of this that was the most fruitful of all Meteor versions. A tactical reconnaissance variant, the FR. In , Glosters developed a ground-attack variant of the F. It flew for the first time on 4 September and it was flown in the air shows of Farnborough in the same year and in In spite of not having received orders for this variant, the acquired experience was important, because soon that capacity would be specified by other Meteor users than the RAF.

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  • Gloster Meteor F.4.

The PR. III wings, MK. Delivery time is 3 - 4 weeks. To cart. Questions about product wish list Please login to add products to the wish list. OutOfStock The Meteor's development was based on its ground-breaking turbojet engines, which was a joint collaboration between the Gloster Aircraft Company and Sir Frank Whittle and his company, Power Jets Ltd. The Meteor was initially used to counter the V-1 German flying bomb threat; total 14 flying bombs were accounted by the war's end. Meteor might not an aerodynamically advanced aircraft but it proved to be an effective and a successful combat fighter.