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He emigrated to Switzerland ; however, Paula Heimann and her daughter were not permitted to do so. Thus mother and daughter emigrated to London. In Heimann became Melanie Klein 's secretary. In they started working together on analysis and became close associates. She passed the state medical examination in Edinburgh in That year she became a member of the British Psychoanalytical Society with her lecture A contribution to the problem of sublimation. Her article On counter-transference , presented at the Psychoanalytical Congress in in Zurich, led to a rift with the Kleinian group of analysts because she presented a different view of the importance of countertransference.

Melanie Klein saw it only as a problem of the therapeutic process. Paula Heimann, however, saw the emotional reaction of the therapist to their patient as an important tool for the exploration of the latter's unconscious. She then turned to the Independents group [3] and was Margarete Mitscherlich 's analyst during — Grief and Bereavement. Group Psychotherapy. Individual Psychotherapy. Jung and Analytical Psychology. Lacanian Psychoanalysis. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Organisational Psychology. Popular Psychology. Psychotherapy and Politics. Selected Fiction, Biography and Memoir.

Transactional Analysis. Transpersonal Therapy. Trauma and Violence. About Us. Also by Lavinia Gomez. Freud Wars: An Introduction to the Philosophy of About the Author s Customer Reviews About the Author s Lavinia Gomez worked for thirty years as a psychotherapist and supervisor and as a trainer at a number of psychotherapy training organisations. More titles by Lavinia Gomez. EMDR treatment: overview and integration.

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A hypothesized role for dendritic remodeling in the etiology of mood and anxiety disorders.

Understanding Dissidence and Controversy (Book Review)

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SAGE Books - Psychodynamics: A Changing Theory

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  4. Cyber Terrorism: Political and Economic Implications.
  5. Developments in Object Relations: Controversies, Conflicts, and Common Ground.
  6. Introduction;
  7. Combinatorial Optimization: Theory and Algorithms;

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Buhl C. Eating disorders as manifestations of developmental disorders: language and the capacity for abstract thinking in psychotherapy of eating disorders. Eur Eat Disord Rev.