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Don Pendleton passed away on October 23 War on the Mafia his first book of the Executioner series sees the main actor Mack Bolan introduced for the first time. He is a Vietnam War hero where he served as a sniper and his exploits at the war front has earned him the name; The Executioner after 93 confirmed kills. He is called home from Vietnam in an emergency to the funeral of his father, his mother and his sister who died on the same day.

Arriving home he learns the cause of deaths from his surviving brother. Apparently, his father got in debt with a local loan shark and was not able to pay the amount within the set time. The loan shark is affiliated to the Pittsburgh mafia causing trouble on the family. All die save for the youngest son, Johnny who survives with a gun wound in the leg.

It is Johnny who, when seated at the front of their house with his elder brother, takes Mack Bolan through the activities of the mob in his hometown. The Pittsburgh mafia has control on everything in the town. From drugs trade to prostitution cartels to corruption, the mafia is everywhere and powerful. Mack Bolan, makes a decision not to go back to the war in Vietnam but fight the crime in his hometown.

The Mafia has an army and is well armed and also outnumbers Mack Bolan. In a short while the Pittsburg mafia is decimated at all levels and the cops seemingly cannot keep up with the new vigilante in town, The Executioner; Mack Bolan. In the second book of the series, The Executioner; Death Squad, Mack Bolan the one man army against the mafia is back. This time he is not alone but comes with his friends, other Vietnam War veterans.

The friends are nine in total and under the leadership of Mack Bolan they make the most lethal death squad in town. All are deadly and they take on a new enemy, the Los Angeles Mafia. Soon they are not just fighting the mafia but evading the police force too, who view them and Mack Bolan in particular as cold blood mass murderers. By the time the Death Squad was being published in its fifth printing that is in , the books in the series had already sold over twenty million copies.

Riding on the popularity of The Executioner series, many spin offs were written from Sharpshooter, Butcher, Penetrator to Marksman all of which did well.

Surprisingly, no movie was ever made out of the books despite mulled efforts. Presently, now the film rights to the series are owned by Sony. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Don Pendleton Books In Order. Mitch Rapp is back!

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