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Read this book if you can't find an equivalent for your language of choice. Confident Ruby: 32 Patterns for Joyful Coding , or a similar title, is essential to learning how to structure code. You don't want to be wasting energy worrying about all the problems a given section of code might have. This book teaches you where to apply the right amount of paranoia, so you can trust the rest of your code. Understanding Your Brain Learning how to learn is one of the biggest challenges of mastering any skill. This title got me started learning a vital set of facts about what you can do well, what you can't, and how to compensate for those weaknesses.

I've reviewed it in detail here before. This book does. It tells you how to grow, improve, and make plans for career. Understanding Motivation One aspect of brain mechanics than has been the most helpful to get a handle on is motivation. Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes is a great place to start decoding motivation if you don't yet know how rewards and punishments affect us.

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I didn't and I really needed this powerful data dump about what we've observed for over 40 years. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us is the book you read once you've been convinced that you need to understand this stuff. This covers how motivation really works and gives practical actions we can take to use this knowledge to our advantage.

Aside from being the ultimate guide to autonomy, it includes managing tips, a nice example of the perils of waterfall development, and some social justice. I love how the author doesn't have all the answers and you get to see him make plenty of mistakes. Mastery focuses in on just one of the pillars of pure intrinsic motivation. This covers the whole process of achieving mastery in something, starting all the way back at selecting the right something. It even goes into emotional responses likely to trip you up at each stage.

It's thorough. Communication Many of us like to think that we just talk to machines all day long, but that's silly. It's filled with anecdotal evidence, what it says about praise is half-right at best, and it would have us all talking via a magic formula. That said, everyone should read this book. It's just hard to be aware of how judgmental our language can be, how to talk about emotions, or how to get the intended message across until you do.

Lying is a book I debated leaving off this list. However, I think it's important to think about concepts like "Lies of Omission" for our communication and even our code. This book will get you asking the right questions. Parenting If you want to develop a communication A-game, parenting is the big league show.

This book could be called The Science of Parenting. It'll tell you how brains develop and what the research says. That's nice, but the real win is how it gets you practicing empathy or understanding praise. Again, this book can make you a better person. It actually does harm. Reading this helps you decide when you need to worry and when you don't. That lesson helps with programming and life in general.

It offers free course content for Ruby as well as other programming languages. You are required to create an account on codecademy. Apart from Ruby, you can also learn other programming languages including Java, Android, and Python. It is a free comprehensive guide which provides a step-by-step tutorial to learn the Ruby language. It is suitable for beginners who want to start with programming. They can easily learn the basic building blocks of programming in Ruby. Get started with Ruby programming language through rubylearning.

This tutorial is created by Satish Talim.


In this tutorial, you can learn to program with Ruby and no prior coding experience is required. This tutorial begins with Core Ruby Programming concepts where each concept is explained with the help of examples. These examples help in understanding the concept easily. Techtopia provides you access to free books available online to learn Ruby programming language.

It is a step by step guide to learn Ruby, specially designed for beginners who want to know about the depth of programming in Ruby. However, advanced programmers can also access the same resource to polish and nourish their coding skills. Therefore, you can refer to this useful resource in case you want to learn some other languages as well. A man with Code is a free online video tutorial website which offers video classes to learn Ruby programming language.

It incorporates 18 video tutorials which cover all the core concepts of Ruby programming language. However, you can also explore the plethora of videos by becoming a premium member of manwithcode. It is much better and easier to understand topics with the help of video as compared to text. Hence, this video tutorial helps all types of learner i. If you are looking for a tutorial to start coding in Ruby, then Chef tutorials are the best place for you.

The Chef is a cloud-based framework that is created with the help of Ruby.

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It is a live example of implementation of Ruby programming language. Hence, it is considered as a popular resource to learn the Ruby language. Beginners can easily learn Ruby using Chef tutorials. The Chef is one of the best platforms, to begin with, Ruby. Learneroo teaches you about the Ruby programming language. With the help of this tutorial, you can learn and start coding with Ruby. The novice programmers can begin with an introduction to Ruby, and advanced users can get some more experience under learneroo.

It is a very useful resource to learn the language. This tutorial is a very useful resource for all types of users. It provides plenty of examples along with each concept so that users can easily understand Ruby.

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In order to access and learn Ruby in depth, become a premium member of this resource. Then, you can access a lot of content, which will surely help you with advanced programming in Ruby. It is an online comprehensive and free guide to learn the Ruby programming language. This tutorial will assist you with understanding the concepts of Ruby. This tutorial site has a simple design and easy navigation structure. Due to this, it is widely accessed by the users, especially novice programmers. In case you want to study later, you can download the entire course content onto the device of choice.

LearnRuby is an online interactive tutorial resource that offers free tutorials to learn Ruby programming language. This tutorial is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers. It provides course content in the form of chapters.

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You can click on any chapter, to begin with. It also provides support for an inline code executor where you can run code written in Ruby. Here, you can test your coding skills by practicing and implementing the concepts of Ruby. These video classes are provided by Kevin Skoglund. It covers all the concepts including data types, variables, and constants. Along with the course tutorials, it also provides some challenge videos in which you can test your skills.

You can learn from basic to advanced topics with this tutorial resource. In order to get started with Lynda. It provides one-month free trial on successful sign-up. Later, you can continue to study by becoming a premium member on this tutorial site. Learn Ruby the Hard Way is an online tutorial that provides free and good quality content to learn Ruby programming language. This tutorial presents all the topics of Ruby along with plenty of examples, additional resources, and several exercises.

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Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Best of Ruby Quiz: volume one. Description Solve these twenty-five popular programming puzzles, and sharpen your programming skills as you craft solutions.

You'll find interesting and challenging programming puzzles including: numbers; crosswords; cryptograms; Knight's tour; Paper, Rock, Scissors; Tic-Tac-Toe; Texas Hold-Em; and, and more. Learning to program can be quite a challenge. Classes and books can get you so far, but at some point you have to sit down and start playing with some code. Only by reading and writing real code, with real problems, can you learn.