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The Vril Society was usually considered an inner core within the Thule Society. General Karl Haushofer was a university professor and director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics , as well as an avid student of Gurdjieff. He is believed to have studied Zen Buddhism and initiated at the hands of Tibetan lamas.

Further, he worked closely with Hitler while he was imprisoned and working on Mein Kampf. Haushofer and Gurdjieff claimed to have had contact with secret Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the "Superman", an idea that would become central to the eugenics movement of the Nazi party. The foundation of Esoteric Hitlerism was Heinrich Himmler who, more than any other high official in the Third Reich including Hitler was fascinated by Aryan and not just Germanic racialism and Germanic Odinism.

A prayer recited by orphans at orphanages runs as follows:. Julius Evola , an occultist with radical right-wing political views, though he was never directly tied to either Italian Fascism or Nazism , tried to move Mussolini towards paganism and away from concord with the Vatican. His influence on Nazi mysticism has been much greater in the postwar years than it was while the Nazis and fascists were in power, influencing the thought of Neo-Nazi groups such as the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

Nazi mysticism

With the fall of the Third Reich, Esoteric Hitlerism took off as Hitler, who had died at the end of the war, was now able to be deified. For her, the swastika was an especially important symbol, as it symbolized the Aryan unity amongst the Hindus and Germans and was also a symbol of good fortune for the Tibetans.

Devi integrated Nazism into a broader cyclical framework of Hindu history, and called Hitler an avatar of Vishnu preparing the way for Kalki and the "Man against Time," having an ideal vision of returning his Aryan people to an earlier, more perfect time, and also having the practical wherewithal to fight the destructive forces forestalling his vision from fruition--a combination of the best traits of Akhenaton a vision, but ineffectual and Genghis Khan violence, but selfish. He believed that Hitler was in Shambhala , an underground centre in Antarctica formerly at the North Pole and Tibet , where he was in contact with the Hyperborean gods and from whence he would someday emerge with a fleet of UFOs to lead the forces of light the Hyperboreans, sometimes associated with Vril over the forces of darkness inevitably including, for Serrano, the Jews in a last battle and inaugurating a Fourth Reich.

He also connected the Aryans and their Hyperborean gods to the Sun and the Allies and the Jews to the Moon , and also had a special place in his ideology for the SS , who, in their quest to recreate the ancient race of Aryan god-men, he thought were above morality and therefore justified in their seemingly cruel deeds.

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The Ahnenerbe Society, the ancestral heritage branch of the SS also called by some the Nazi Occult Bureau was dedicated primarily to the research of proving the superiority of the Aryan race but was also involved in occult practices. Founded in by Himmler, the Society became involved in searching for Atlantis and the Holy Grail and is believed to be the basis for the Nazis in the Indiana Jones series of movies. A great deal of time and resources were spent on researching or creating a popularly accepted "historical", "cultural" and "scientific" background so the ideas about a "superior" Aryan race could prosper in the German society of the time.

Mystical organizations such as the Thule Society , Schwarze Sonne , Vrill Society and others were created, usually connected with elite SS corps, and adopting specific rituals, initiations and beliefs. Expeditions in Tibet , Nepal , Greece , the Arctic , and Antarctica were organized in the search for the mythical "Aryan" nation of Hyperborea , whose capital, Ultima Thule was supposedly built by the extraterrestrial ancestors of the "Aryan races" who came from the star Aldebaran , according to some of the "Aryan" theories.

A German expedition to Tibet was organized in order to search for the origins of the Aryan race. Similar expeditions were organized in the pursuit of semi-mythical objects believed to bring power or granting special powers to their owner, such as the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny. The Nazi party actively discouraged certain mystical secret societies , in fact interning, and sometimes executing, a number of high-ranking mystics in Europe , particularly members of the Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

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It is said that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler, but actual contact is unconfirmed. Hitler would later go on to reject many German mystics, openly ridiculing them, particularly practitioners of Freemasonry , Theosophy and Anthrosophy. In Dinter was expelled from the party when he publicly attacked Hitler about this decision. Mystic influences often appear in modern Nazi music, particularly references to artifacts such as the Spear of Longinus.

On World War II and Nazi Symbolism: A Note from Extra History

The writings of Miguel Serrano , Julius Evola , Savitri Devi , and other proponents of Nazi Mysticism have spawned numerous later works connecting Aryan master race beliefs and Nazi escape scenarios with enduring conspiracy theories about reptilian humanoids , hollow earth civilizations, and shadowy new world orders. Arktos is notable for its scholarly approach and examination of many sources currently unavailable elsewhere in English-language translation.

Godwin and other authors including Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke have also discussed Hitler's purported Antarctic reptilian companions sometimes seen to be Hyperboreans as well as the connections between Nazi Mysticism and Vril energy, the hidden Shambhala and Agartha civilizations, and underground UFO bases. Nazi occult-hunters have been featured in the Indiana Jones films.

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Occult-obsessed Nazis have long been a staple of superhero comic books :. The computer game Wolfenstein 3D and its sequel, Return to Castle Wolfenstein , featured plotlines involving Nazi obssesion with the occult. Nazi mysticism From Academic Kids. Thule Society emblem. Seller Inventory AAC Book Description Adventures Unlimited Press. New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Seller Inventory B Paperback or Softback.

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