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When that book came out of, there were 70, published that year. That book clicked and it went into the 63rd printing. It has sold over 2 million copies.

Team Alignment: You Owe it to Yourself

I love the topic. I love helping people. The book is a good book. It was basically cutting to the chase. Every example tells a story by itself. I pulled together the best of that on the topic of employee recognition, which was one of those common sense topics that everybody knows is important. That was my experience in working in several corporations. You should thank people that do stuff for you, that do a good job.

The people closest to you and has been there most in your life, you better be thanking them the most if you want to hold on to them. In reality, we never really do it. Our loved ones get the dregs of our day. Just keep it to your commitment. I just met someone. I want to do that. That was down the road a bit.

We have a whole filing cabinet drawer full of examples, articles, clips, and case studies you sent us, and we use it all the time in our company and in our publication. We want to thank you by featuring you on the cover of our magazine. It was Some of them probably bought the book, I imagine. Subsequently, they brought me in to present to all their general managers, their stores across North America.

The books and the speaking leads to work with corporate clients, and then those bring me in to do consulting. We want to do more of it here. Can you help us? Can you build a culture of recognition? This is part of how we operate. Everyone is doing it. It keeps everyone going and we love it. We love doing it. We love getting it, and it drives. It will drive that from them and make you be successful. Your employees will be six times more likely to recommend the organization as a place to work or a place to shop or place to do business.

They will be seven times more likely to stay in the job and with your company for the rest of their career. In some areas like healthcare, we need a million more nurses by A million new nurses half from nutrition, half from increased demands of healthcare. That lowers the price of admission.

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If you have a closer recognition, they will beat a path to your door because you got a reputation. They will see it in practice, and they will stay longer, guaranteed. You mentioned that the millennials.

Steve Jobs Leadership Skills Breakdown - How To Motivate People

Going back to being on 60 Minutes, they called me, and they wanted to feature me on their millennials. They expect that to happen on a daily basis. It can come from their peers. It can come from a client. You got to have a vehicle to capture it and deliver it. You manage the most important relationship in that job, so it will be nice, especially if it comes from you.

It is simple, but that actually is more of an obstacle than the help because people think that if something is simple, they must be doing it. Walk around the block. Will you do it? Are you going to do it? Eating right. Will you eat right? Will you stop eating fast food? The stuff that is marketed as healthy often tends to be the least healthy. If putting it on the packaging makes you buy it, they put it larger. We need to unlearn the things that we were brainwashed with.

I saw this guy, who wrote a book called Whitewashed. The whole thing is about the fallacy of milk being a healthy thing. A book can change your life; a speech can change your life. I never drank a glass of milk after that. Milk lowers the calcium in your body? What does that mean again? Tell me how that works. It raises the acidity of your body, and your body has to neutralize it. To lower the acidity, they need calcium to do it.

They draw it from your bone. As you drink milk, you make your bones weaker. What about the commercials with the milk mustache? I remember years ago, someone who is a guy at Apple. He is the Head of human resources. He had his office in between them for years, and he eventually left, and he wanted to do a book. He came to me. That would be pretty fun. The guy was a bastard, but he was a brilliant bastard.

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  4. I missed that one. I was doing other stuff. That was too late. I do my best on it, but it would never have been the same. The book is just the tip of the iceberg.

    My book, Ways to Reward Employees , I sold of them lately. Twenty years ago they came out. I am my book. It represents who I am, my values, my beliefs in positivity and in practicality. When I speak, I am the book. I looked at some of your early stories about how you wrote a letter to the President of the publisher in New York and how you finally got him on the phone.

    I like your tenacity of trying to get your book published. I got excited when I saw research on that. Of all of them, they look at the mega studies on it, the foundation for it all is recognition, to make people feel valued. You probably take it home, you hate your family. Having a good boss is a pretty big one. On top of the list of a good boss is someone that catches you doing something right, and not just find the blame and amplifies those and embarrasses you in front of the staff.

    Who needs that? Do you have any advice for managing virtual workers? At on Thursday, wherever you are, we like everyone to stop and applaud. They did that. Give yourself a hand. On another level, is that cool? Let me tell you, you can have a higher degree of communication and accountability virtually than if the person was sitting in the desk next to you. I did some research and I found that the average virtual worker works an additional seventeen hours a week on their job. You spend time with the things that are important in your life.

    I could see where that stat was in fact very true. She has a virtual team and they do stuff virtually and they would be sharing stories whenever they connect live. You got to know people and build a relationship. If you really want to make something work, you got to work with the person, which means getting to know them.

    We mentioned Ubuntu, which is a wonderful South African concept of unity and connectedness. I spoke in K-town and I picked up on that. I was intrigued. I did a book with another colleague, Steven Lundin. We did a parable about a manager learning from one of their employees. In a nutshell, I am because we are. If you want to go far, go together. Whoever gets there first can have all of it.

    They grabbed hands together and they ran together. It all could have been yours. We got to do it quick. Thank you so much. Find training and consulting services to help you thrive with HubSpot. Get up-to-date research and data on hot business trends. Take courses on the latest business trends, taught by industry experts.

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    1001 Ways to Inspire Your Organization, Your Team and Yourself

    We're committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Motivation is more than Vince Lombardi quotes and quirky posters on the wall. By evaluating current performance metrics and comparing them to a successful end state, you can diagnose what areas need improvement and act accordingly. But motivation is far harder. Not only ahere are many external factors that affect motivation, every person requires different incentives and motivational tactics.

    The foundation of motivation is trust. Managers have to create trust and then maintain it by engaging with their team in a consistent, nurturing fashion. The best way to build trust is to be completely transparent. Simply discussing trust can be a great way of starting off on the right foot. How can we build trust between us?

    Here are some questions I ask my direct reports to help them figure out what their work style is like:. Understand what your direct reports each want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives. This will not only show you the type of person they are, but also give you insight into what things will motivate them the most. Even if it seems obvious, you always need to ask. At HubSpot, we offer employees access to a gym, plenty of healthy food and snacks, and a nap room.

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    Different salespeople are motivated in different ways. Some people are motivated by team-wide sales contests. Some are driven by quota achievement. Some are motivated by qualitative improvements. Some people are motivated by their impact on the organization. Some people are motivated by money. There are two main aspects of motivation every sales manager must handle: Individual motivation, and group-wide motivation. Salespeople always do a great job choosing prizes -- after all, they have the most insight into what they want!